Friday, December 14, 2012

Wishlist with wished features - Add items into wishlist with options and allow to add certain amount of items into wishlist box.

In Magento there is great features of wishlist for the users who don’t want to buy items at that time, as you all are aware about this features. But in Magento when we're going to add items into wishlist then it should just add it, no meter with its options.

When we add any product into shopping cart, it prompt error if we add it without options (for configurable, custom options products) but the same scenario is not happen with wishlist.

As I customize as per demand of one my client and here is demo for it, have a look on below image which prompts users to choose options before adding into wishlist.

Another thing is, to prevent users to add certain amount of items into wishlist.. like say to set limitations to add certain amount of items into wishlist as per store wise. Here my customization is to define the number of items are allowed to add into wishlist box with custom message, If not specify then it allowed to add as many items as client want to add into wishlist.

Prompt the message if users trying to add more items (As off here only 1 item is allowed to add, so when user try to add more items, it prompt the below error)

At last with another small and but important features is that to send the notification email to both admin and customers when they add items into wishlist box.

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